Some random bits about me.


Head of Tech Advisory - Futurice

As a principal technology consultant Head of Tech Advisory, I work with various clients on solutions, software, systems selection, strategy, and assessments. My background and focus are in tech, but I sometimes help clients with business and people domains.

The fancy title suggests that while most principal consultants at Futurice concentrate on a single domain or customer group, I try to facilitate the discussions between the principals and their chosen fields. 99% of the time, my work is the same as one of our principals.

Founder, Game Desinger - Myrrys

I'm part of a Finnish indie analog games publishing operation, Myrrys, where I primarily work on role-playing game production and design. Our goal with Myrrys is to support the Finnish role-playing games community and hobby with games in the local language(s) and by acting as a global-market publishing partner for Finnish developers.

My work at Myrrys consists of games like The Quick



The theme used in this site is inspired by the Open Source Reasonable Colors colors system. The colours are are designed to be accessible, and to work well together.

The colours are:

  • Primary - #ffffff on #003c54
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This site uses https://github.com/uswds/public-sans for all text, headers, and UX via Google Fonts.

The font was chosen not only because it’s designed by some of my favourite font designers, but also as it is a clear, readable, and modern open source font that is designed for websites.


No Artificial Intelligence, Narrow or Generic, has been harmed while creating the content of this site.

GitHub Copilot has co-authored the Astro-powered code. The code is available for consumption with an MIT license.

I’ve created the site content to share and improve my thinking; thus, no generative AI tools were used while writing. That being said, the blog content is mostly checked with a paid version of Grammarly, and I might have altered a word here and there following the suggestions provided by its algorithms.